Grout Colorant

• Premium Product
• Change to any color, lighter or darker
• Cleans, re colors, seals & protects

Change grout color.. OR..
revive your current color grout..

What is Grout Colorant?

  • Grout Colorant, is also often known as Grout Paint, Grout Stain, or possibly Grout Dye, and can be made use of to re color, renew & seal grout. Grout Colorant is a highly preferred substitute for regrouting or even replacing a complete tile floor.

Some Grout Colorant Uses Include:

  • • Re color Grout
  • • Change Grout Color
  • • Renew Grout
  • • Remodels & Renovations
  • • Seal Grout Color to enhance grout color longevity

As pointed out above, Grout Colorant is a highly preferred substitute for needing to remove and/or replace your grout, or even worse than that, needing to replace your entire tile floor. Grout Colorant will restore the appearance of your tile grout and flooring. You will absolutely be astonished at how fresh your old tile can appear by simply employing a grout colorant such as Grout Revive.

Grout ColorantIs Grout Colorant tough to apply?

  • No, certainly not. Of course if you have during the past applied a wax or sealer on your tile grout or tile you will need to begin with a sealer remover first. Using sealer removal is rather simple though. After doing this, you may apply the Grout Revive grout colorant with either a grout brush, a tooth brush, or even the professional grout brush applicator which is offered by Grout Revive’s Colorant System. Wipe away the extra along the way from the grout and tile and that is it.. you are done. After just a couple simple steps you’ve used Grout Revive’s grout colorant either to change your tile grout color or re color your tile grout entirely . Grout Revive’s Grout colorant is not going to make your tile grout look painted. Grout Revive’s grout colorant works similar to a stain which will penetrate deeper than a paint and will bond with the grout, allowing your tile grout to maintain its grout like appearance.

Why would you use Grout Revive’s Grout Colorant System?

  • Grout Revive’s Colorant is a high quality Grout Colorant. We blend our colorants fresh for each and every order. While it is true that upwards of 80% of Grout Revive’s customers will select from the top 10 color list, we offer 100’s of different colors covering the color charts of the large majority of the most popular grout manufacturers. You can be assured professional, premium, and long lasting results while using Grout Revive’s premium grout colorant products. We have even assembled a kit as offered below which contains each of the essential tools to assist in your successful tile grout renovation project.


Grout Revive Kit

$42.95 $39.95

The Grout Revive Kit is the total Grout Revive System. Contained in the kit is 1 8oz bottle of colorant, 1 8oz bottle of pre-treat, our patented bottle/applicator brush, a scour pad, and gloves.

  • 8oz Bottle of Grout Paint
  • 8oz Bottle of Pre-Treat
  • Patented Bottle Top Applicator Brush
  • Additional Grout Revive brush
  • Easy-Flow tip
  • Shammy
  • Scour pad
  • Gloves

Grout Revive is a Premium Grout Colorant and Cleaner

This is a superb value. Not only do you save $10 but you also receive discounts on additional bottles of colorant ($18 instead of $21.95). Plus, you will receive the benefits of having applied the FULL Grout Revive System.

Don't forget to add Sealer Remover to the kit if you have previously used sealer or wax on your grout or tile.

Color White Dove Bright White Snow White Antique White Alabaster Bone Butter Cream Canvas Antique Quartz Urban Putty Linen Sahara Fawn Sandstone Haystack Mushroom Light Smoke Khaki Chaparral Camel Burnt Clay Nutmeg Summer Wheat Earth Chateau New Taupe Tobacco Brown Sable Brown Saddle Brown Rose Beige Quarry Red Clay Bay Leaf Moss Bonsai Onyx Green Arctic Ice Ocean Blue Admiral Blue Platinum Oyster Gray Delorean Gray Winter Gray Pewter Slate Gray Dove Gray Natural Gray Charcoal
How Many Bottles? 1 Included 2 +$18 3 +$36 4 +$54 5 +$72 6 +$90 7 +$108 8 +$126 9 +$144 10 +$162 Use our handy coverage calculator located in the sidebar to help you decide how much product you need.
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Need Sealer Remover?

If you’ve previously sealed your grout you’ll first need to remove the seal with sealer remover.
1 8oz bottle treats ~300 sq ft.

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Product Description


Intended use: Grout Stain is a premium grout stain (also called grout colorant, grout paint or grout dye) that can be used to either change grout color entirely or refresh grout color. The Grout Revive System can also serve as a grout cleaner and grout sealer that will clean your grout and seal your grout. In this way Grout Revive also protects your grout from future discoloration. We’re sure you will be satisfied with Grout Revive when used in your tile and grout restoration project. Stain grout with Grout Revive Grout Stain.

Grout Stain

Additional Information

Weight 9 oz

White Dove, Bright White, Snow White, Antique White, Alabaster, Bone, Butter Cream, Canvas, Antique Linen, Quartz, Urban Putty, Linen, Sahara Tan, Fawn, Sandstone, Haystack, Mushroom, Light Smoke, Khaki, Chaparral, Camel, Burnt Clay, Nutmeg, Summer Wheat, Earth, Chateau, New Taupe, Tobacco Brown, Sable Brown, Saddle Brown, Rose Beige, Quarry Red Clay, Bay Leaf, Moss, Bonsai, Onyx Green, Arctic Ice, Ocean Blue, Admiral Blue, Platinum, Oyster Gray, Delorean Gray, Winter Gray, Pewter, Slate Gray, Dove Gray, Natural Gray, Charcoal


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