Grout Stain Colorant


Ugly Grout?

Ugly Grout?




Uneven Color?

Fix it with Grout Revive


Grout Revive Cleans, Colors, and Seals

All In One Step!

Revive your current color

..or change color entirely!


140+ colors to choose from

matching 3 major manufacturers

The possibilities are endless

delay, duration and also the

Why Grout Revive Grout Stain?

Used by Professionals
Revive Current Color
Change Grout Color
Go Lighter or Darker
Colorant & Sealer In One
Baths, Showers, Kitchens
Floors, Walls & Counters
Easy Application

Chosen by Professionals Worldwide

Grout Revive has been chosen by professionals and homeowners alike around the world since 2009. Our client portfolio contains the likes of large and small Hotels such as the Marriot, both large and small contractors, National Parks and everyday homeowners.

Grout Revive Service Advantage

We offer one on one consultation and provide ongoing professional support to all of our customers, large and small, to ensure your grout restoration project turns out just the way you dreamed. We are available via Phone, Live Chat, and email and try to make ourselves available as often as possible. We also provide a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. We aim to resolve all customer problems and have an excellent track record with our clients.

What Grout Revive is NOT

Not a cheap infomercial product
Not a cheap grout pen
Not a fly by night company
Not available in stores..

→ Why not in stores?   Because we cannot assure the quality of a product that sits on a shelf for an unknown period of time. We prepare all products upon order and quickly ship via Priority USPS.
Grout Revive Grout Paint

 Grout Colorant: also called Grout Paint, Grout Stain, or Grout Dye.

Grout Revive currently matches these popular grout manufacturers:
Custom Building Products™, Mapei™ and Laticrete™. If you have additional color needs please contact us. We do offer color matching services on a custom basis.