Grout Paint

• Premium Grout Paint Product
• Change to any color, lighter or darker
• Cleans, re colors, seals & protects


Change grout color..
OR.. revive your current color grout..

grout paint

Re color and seal grout with Grout Revive Grout Paint

What is Grout Paint?

  • Grout Paint, also known as Grout Colorant, Grout Stain, or Grout Dye, is used to refresh, re color & seal grout. Grout Paint is a great alternative to removing and re-grouting an entire tile floor.

Grout Paint Uses:

  • Refresh Grout
  • Re-color Grout
  • Change Grout Color
  • Renovations and Remodels
  • Seal Grout Color to enhance grout color longevity

As mentioned, Grout Paint is an excellent alternative to removing and replacing your grout, or worse, having to replace your entire tile flooring. Grout paint will revive the look of your tile flooring. You will likely be amazed at how new your tile job looks simply by applying a grout paint like Grout Revive.

Is Grout Paint difficult to apply?

  • Not at all. If you’ve previously used a sealer or wax on your grout or tile you’ll have to use a sealer remover first. This is a very easy step. Having done so, you simply apply the grout paint with a grout brush, tooth brush, or the professional bottle top grout brush applicator offered by Grout Revive Colorant System. As you go wipe it away from the tile and you’re done. In a couple of easy steps you have used grout paint to either re-color your grout or change you grout color. Easy… Grout paint does NOT leave your grout looking painted. The grout ‘paint’ is more accurately a colorant or stain, that penetrates deep into the porous grout, which allows it to maintain its grout like appearance.

Why use Grout Revive Colorant System?

  • Grout Revive Colorant is a premium Grout paint / Colorant and we mix our colorants fresh for every order. While 80% of our customers choose from the top 10 color list, we offer 100′s of different colors from most of the available colored grout manufacturers. You can be assured premium, professional, and long lasting results when using Grout Revive premium grout paint / colorant. We’ve even assembed a kit below with all the necessary tools for your successful tile grout renovation project.

Grout Revive Stain Colorant Kit

Grout Revive Grout Paint Kit

From: $42.95

The Grout Revive Grout Paint Kit is the total Grout Revive System.
Contained in the kit is the following:

  • 8oz Bottle of Grout Paint
  • 8oz Bottle of Pre-Treat
  • Patented Bottle Top Applicator Brush
  • Additional Grout Revive brush
  • Easy-Flow tip
  • Shammy
  • Scour pad
  • Gloves

This is a superb value. Not only do you save over $10 but you also receive discounts on additional bottles of Grout Revive Grout Paint ($18 instead of $21.95). Plus, you will receive the benefits of having applied the FULL Grout Revive Grout Paint System.

Don’t forget to add Sealer Remover to the kit if you have previously used sealer or wax on your grout or tile.

Choose a Color

T Dove Gray

T Taupe

T Bone

T Natural Gray

T Tobacco

T Bright White

T Black

T Linen

T Snow White

T Walnut

Coverage Calculator



How many colorant bottles?

Additional Bottles are just $18 Each. Please use the coverage calculator to determine your needs.
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Need Sealer Remover?

If you've previously sealed your grout you'll first need to remove the seal with sealer remover. $11.95/each
Clear selection

Add Knee Pads?

Grout Revive Knee Pads
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Product Description

Intended use: Grout Revive is a premium grout paint (also called grout colorant, grout stain or grout dye) that can be used to either change grout color entirely or refresh grout color. The Grout Revive System serves also as a grout cleaner and grout sealer that will clean your grout and seal your grout. Grout Revive protects your grout from future discoloration. We’re quite sure you’ll be satisfied with Grout Revive when used in your tile and grout restoration project.


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Grout Paint